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Canalside Cafe
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35 Worcester Bar, Gas Street Basin

West Midlands
B1 2JU

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Description & Location:

Full English for £6 plus many other choices ...

Days Open: 7 Days

Contact Details:
Website Address      
Email Address      
Phone Number 0121 248 7979      
Fax Number      
Café Owner / Manager

What's on the Menu:
Tea - Pot or Mug? Unsure Chips? Unsure
Tomatoes - Fresh or Tinned? Unsure Fried Slice? Unsure
Black Pudding? Unsure Onion Rings? Unsure
Bubble and Squeak? Unsure Beer Available? Yes, On Tap!
Hash Brown? Unsure    

Delivery Service? Unsure
Counter or Table Order Counter
Car Park? Unsure
Car Park Details
Outside Seating? Unsure
Wireless (Wi-Fi) Available? Unsure
Wireless (Wi-Fi) Details
Smoking Policy Outside the front door

Have you eaten here? Then let us know what you thought.


0 #2 JDA 2013-03-25 10:11
A very small amount of food for the price, a nice fry up non the less.
+1 #1 Gemm Penford 2012-08-10 14:33

The staff on the bar were rude, the wait for the mediocre (at best) food from the dull and limited menu was ridiculously long.

We are a gay couple, we were sitting near each other and being affectionate but certainly not inappropriate. As our coffee was (eventually) delivered, the owner approached us with a furious look on her face and angrily demanded that we leave or 'immediately separate' and stated that 'we don't want your sort of thing in here'

We left asking for a refund which was provided after an comically long wait, enduring yet more hostility and nasty looks from the staff, not to mention the humiliation of being looked on by the customers in the restaurant.

I urge anyone thinking of going there to avoid it; if not for their bigoted, aggressive attitude to minority patrons, then for the overpriced and frankly poor food, coffee and slow obnoxious service.