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My kind of English Breakfast!

I received this in an email with the subject line "My kind of English Breakfast!" and I have to agree!

The email reads...

Mario's Big Breakfast Challenge:  Eat the "Big Breakfast" in 20 minutes or less (with-out a drink).

The Prize:  Get it for free.

The Forfeit:  Pay £10.95 for the breakfast!

The "Big Breakfast" consists of:  10 eggs; 10 sausages; 10 rashers of bacon; 10 slices of toast; five black pudding slices; tomatoes; mushrooms; and baked beans...

Approx 5,000 calories of Full English!

And here are the picures that were attached...

I did some Google-ing and came found the café is Mario’s Café Bar in Market Street, Westhoughton, Bolton, Lancs. Here's a story that was published in the local paper.

I'm up that way early June, so will pop in and see how brave I'm feeling. :o)


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