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The Almost Perfect Greasy Spoon.

I was just sent this link and had to share it - my favorite line is "The menu should be basic, if you see lobster on the menu you are not in a traditional greasy spoon - leave immediately."


Squidoo - The Perfect Greasy Spoon


We all like a joke at work ...

I agree with this article in The Sun on Monday, the day always
goes quicker if you're having a laugh at work ...

... BUT, low cost Airline Kulula took it to the extreme ... I'd have thought they'd be more worried about keeping it in the air, no? Anyway, my favorite bits are “Loo (or mile-high initiation chamber)”; “Landing gear (comes standard with super-fly mags)”; “The Big Cheese”, showing the Captain's side of the cockpit; and of course "Galley (food, food, food, food...)".


(Double-Click on the pics for the larger version)

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Looking for love in Kings Cross...

Er, I meant looking for a lovely fry-up in Kings Cross ... And I found one ... here at the Station Cafe, just round the corner from Kings Cross / St. Pancras.

I was a little hung over and nearly ordered the Set 5, as it was at the bottom of the list and that's always the biggest one isn't it? It had more words than the rest anyway ... luckily the waitress gave me a funny look and said "You want the vegetarian one?" I had the set 2, with extra hash browns, very good!

No picture of the brekkie as my mobile died just as I was taking the picture below!

I recommend a visit ... Station Cafe, Kings Cross.


Breakfast with Lenny Henry?

I'm working away at the the moment and staying at a Premier Inn.  As it's paid for by the company, brekkie's included, so of course it'd be rude of me not to try it ... everyday.

I've had bad experiences with large chain hotel breakfasts - I won't name and shame the Ibis in Crick (M1 northbound, Junc. 18) - but in the 3 weeks I've been at this Prem. Inn, I've never had a bad one!

The picture below doesn't do it justice - I ain't David Bailey! - it's a one-of-everything-except-the-veggie-sausgage - and contrary to the posters on the wall in the hotel ... you do get a knife with it. :o)

So, if you have to work away ... and stay at a chain hotel ... and breakfast is included ... my advice is Premier Inn!


You want to live past 100? Follow Doug...

I won't copy and paste the entire articles from Sky News or The Daily Echo, but Douglas Terrey celebrated his 105th birthday with yet another Full English - as he does everyday - and has since he was 13!

Douglas, a great-grandfather, was born in 1903 and has downed a fry-up every morning for over 90 years, that 33,000 fried breakfasts - I'll have to start keeping a tally of mine!

I've mentioned this before, and I'm sure it won't suprise you; I'm not a doctor! But you just can't argue with nature!

Here's the Sky News and Daily Echo articles...

Sky News

The Daily Echo

Doug's even got his own Wiki page!!! Here.


A move in the right direction ...

From Saturday's Sun ...

A move in the right direction ... to our utopia - no Starbucks or Costa Coffee or Coffee Republic or Cafe Nero - just real cafe's, selling real food and hot drinks in mugs ... NOT cardboard cups!

Fancy a Microwave-Up?

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it does it!?!

One of my fry-up groupies (Adele L) has just shared this with me from yesterday's Sunday Star ... I've tried a microwave fry-up before, but the results were, as with many of my home cooking attempts - disappointing, but it sounds like Roger Ruchpaul is a true fry-up connoisseur, so I trust this could be the answer if you don't want to leave your house and have decent fry-up with the added bonus of a very small amount of washing up!

According to the article, it says it will be rolled out into the shops later in the year ... but I've done some in-depth reasearch, (well, OK I google'd "ruchy's feast") and found it's available on the web already ... in 2 sizes and there's some extra's available too! Ruchy's Website


I do ... as often as possible!

Taken from todays Daily Mail (April 1, 2010) and it's not an April Fool!
"It is thought that a fried breakfast sets up the metabolism for the rest of the day, making it easier to burn off other meals and snacks."

Click HERE to go to the full Daily Mail story.



Countdown goes downhill...

March 23rd, 2010, the day an anagram many countdown viewers have been waiting A-LONG time for.  And yes, it is genuine!

In case you're wondering, the contestants came up with 'faced' and 'caged' - 'Dockage' was the largest word available!

You never saw this sort of laugage when Carol Vorderman was in charge of the consonants and vowels!

Can you Supersize that for me please...

The Heart attack grill ... and according to Google, it really exists ... at 6185 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, Phoenix, Arizona.

I'd give the "Triple Bypass Burger" a good go ... for a late lunch ... after an early brekkie! :o)

Click the "Read More" for the other pics ...

New York embraces the full English breakfast ... finally!

Happy New Year!  Now, after years of the yanks sending us McBurgers, Chicken served out of buckets and flame grilled fries, we're showing them how a proper meal should look - and they seem to like it - without us have to send over an entire network of franchised stores to sell it!!!  I'm not sure about the delicate china cup and saucer, with the matching napkin holder - or the lace table spread (see the full article - link below), but, hey, one step at a time!

Full story and pics at


One for the album ... or gallery!

As you might have noticed, I think the best way to tell a story is through pictures ... I may even display them in a gallery one day ... move over David Bailey!

This one I've named, "Wednesday night, defined!"


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