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I'll never get bored of seeing signs like this!

Not sure about the Rock 'n' Roll, but looking forward to the cafe!


And the moral of the story is ...

I came across this in an old Zoo magazine I found when clearing out a drawer at work...


A woman is frying eggs. Suddenly her husband burts into the kitchen and yells, "Careful! Put in some more butter! You're cooking too many at once! Turn them! Turn them now! More butter! Oh my God! They're going to stick! You never listen to me when you're cooking! Hurry up! Have you lost your mind?! Don't forget to salt them! You always forget to salt them! Use the salt!"

His wife says, "What the hell is wrong with you? You think I don't know how to fry eggs?"

The man says "I wanted you to see what it's like when I'm driving with you in the car!"


Of course, the moral of the story is to go out to a proper cafe, and if you're like the 'couple' above, walk there!


Rest in Peace; 'The Equalizer' and the 'Master with an Equalizer'...

One of the best TV imports from the US when I was growing up, and, as I always knew him - "The Equalizer". To others, Edward Woodward.

"The Equalizer" on Wiki.

A good fan-site for "The Equalizer".

And, on the same day, another blast-from-the-past at only 44 ... Derek B. To quote the BBC's website " ... one of the first British hip-hop stars to appear on programmes like Top of the Pops" - the full story is here -

BBC : British rapper Derek B dies at 44.

My favorite tune below.  The old box of cassettes is being dragged out of the loft and dusted off tonight ... it's gong to be a late one!

Gents, Rest In Peace.



I am not a number, I am a free man!!!


Okay, maybe I was today, but only until my, very good, ham, egg and chips came - I missed breakfast
as it finishes at 11.30.

Where was I?

Here: Poplars Garden Centre.




Margarine or Butter?

Me, I've always prefered butter and today I was sent an interesting email ... obviously, I'm not a doctor, so don't take the following as fact, but worth looking into ...

=== EMAIL START ===========================================

Originally forwarded from: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Margarine or butter?

If you answered "butter," I've got some information that will make you glad you did.

Last week an HSI member sent me an e-mail that had been forwarded multiple times, but appears to have originated from L. Eugene Arnold, M.Ed., M.D.; a Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Ohio State University. Here's what Dr. Arnold writes:

"Do you know the difference between margarine and butter?

* Both have the ...

How many days 'til Christmas I hear you ask ...

This many ...

... as at 14:38 and 39 seconds yesterday (Mon, Nov 2nd, 2009) anyway!


The 'Facebook Lesson' - Part 2!

No intro-text needed ... just another facebook warning ...


I'd have been happy with the 93% ... there's probably a 
joke about Tory Councillor's and greed in there somewhere ... :o)


The new face of ifancyafryup?

Now that Kerry Katona's no longer tied to Iceland, I think I'll have to
approach her to see if she's available to advertise for me ...

Why?  Well exibit A:

... And Exibit B:

Anyone know her agent?


Star's in my eyes!

I met another TV star from my childhood yesterday, but only just had the picture
developed today ... well ... got it off my phone!

The General!

I'm going to start saving up ... there's one for sale on eBay now ... yee haa!


The 'Facebook Lesson'!

... or at least 2 I can think of - 1. Don't add your boss on facebook, 2. Don't slate your company
and/or boss on facebook!



Anti-social Networking for Bikers?

The Rev Counter (TRC) - Anti-social Networking for Bikers...

Aceboy from TRC has shared the site on a forum he's a member of ... and got us some new cafes added, cheers!

Here's the forum.


The food of life!

Adele found this in last Thursday's Sun and passed it on to me...
Proof - Nature knows best!



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