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Picture the scene ... 7pm the day before we leave ... and I was let down by a by T-Shirt
printing shop I'd tasked with printing 10 T-Shirts up for a Stag weekend!!! Lukily, first thing
Friday, after much google'ing, I found imagepress in Watford. John set up and printed up
all 10 in just over an hour! Cheers!

... and did I mention I had breakfast at The Football Cafe by the Watford footbal ground as
it was next door? Result ... apart from picking up the groom late ... well, it's not like it
was his wedding day!

Loads of friends!

I've got 5 friends now!

My friends!

Here's my latest - not a facebook friend - someone I've actually met - like in the old days!
He makes those presents that you can personalise - the ladies love them - and you can get
yourself a Coat of Arms done - perfect for one's invitations to the one's BBQ at the
weekend retreat!

Gifts to Treasure

And if he gives you a discount, let me know - he wouldn't give me one!



The Lesson

I don't know why this jumped into my head earlier, but thought you'd
like the share - so after Google'ing guesses of the first line found it - It
was written a good few years ago now, well - I heard it in school!

The Lesson by Roger McGough

Chaos ruled OK in the classroom
as bravely the teacher walked in
the hooligans ignored him
his voice was lost in the din

You're Fryered!

OK, so I nicked the heading used in an email a few weeks ago, my excuse : "copying
is the highest form of flattery" ...

Being a fan of Fry-Up's and "The Apprentice", there's only one choice of eatery ... The Bridge Café,

The Story on

And while we're on The Apprentice here is the creative output of someone creative with too much
time on their hands - luckily for us - I think it's great!


Faulty 20p coins 'worth £50 each'?

I've got one of these ... oh, bugger, mines got a date on it!

                                                            Picture courtesy of

Here's the full story on the BBC website ...

Having trust issues, I confirmed this on the website that defines the price of all things 
known to man ... ebay of course! At the time of writing this, there is one at £185 and
another at £155 ... for a 20p coin ... I'm sure I won't be the only person checking their
change, everytime, twice!

20 Pence Pieces on


Fully loaded?

Take-out for breakfast today - so I borrowed a mates hired
VW Passat for the run.  I now know what "Fully
loade" means! It had leather seats, cruise control, Sat Nav and a
CD / DVD player - that you could load it a memory card with all
your tunes - and it had a 20GB Hard-Drive built-in - AND this doubled 
up as the screen for the reversing CAMERA!

All that technology! And to set the clock ... 2 buttons on the dash!

Even my old P reg Vectra set the clock on it's own...

Skinny Blonde's and Beer!

Well, actually Skinny Blonde Beer ... The bottle features a 1950's-style pin-up
called Daisy whose red bikini disappears as the beer level drops and the bottle
warms up - 14 degrees C is the trigger temp.

One minute you're holding a beer, the next, a naked woman!

I bet it doesn't taste the same if served in a glass. :o)

Here's an article from The UK Times about it ...

The official Skinny Blonde website is here ...

As far as I can make out, it's only available in Australia at present ... I've just emailed
them asking what the plans are for UK distribution are ... when I know - you will!

Thanks to Adele Nadine Lewis for discovering this and sharing it!



25 miles???

I came accross this sign this morning ... luckily it was 25 metres, not 25
miles ... I like my fried breakfasts - but if it had been 25 miles I don't
think I'd have made it ... today anyway. :o)

Say NO to 0870!

Avoid charges to 0870/0845 and other 08xx nos. with this FREE site I found for you ...

Most mobiles and many landline phones have an 'inclusive landline calls' phone package - these
hardly ever (or never) include 0844, 0845, 0870, or 0871 numbers. Also, many mobile phone
packages exclude freephone 0800 and 0808 numbers from your bundled minutes.

Go to then click on "Search to find an alternative number" near the
top of the page on the left-hand side.

Also, why not sign the petition against the costly 084x that the NHS use while you're there ...


How NOT to use Google maps

As you might have noticed (hopefully!) I'm a fan of Google maps - so found it highly amusing
that someone took the time out to install the same feature on their website – and then not
bothered to set it up properly …

Dave Fry doesn't do adverts ...

Dave Fry doesn't do adverts ... but if he did - they'd look like this.

I'll be fighting the ladies off with this ...

Result! I picked this up for under a quid, AND there's 750 ml of it ... a man sized bottle, - nearly
a litre - for £1. Serioulsly, I'll be fighting the ladies off ... I'm almost scared to wear it out in
public ... I could be swamped - Wish me luck...


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